1 million people.
1 billion dollars.
Together, we can #CloseTheGivingGap.

Following the murder of George Floyd and the protests around the globe calling for organizations to lead boldly and reform systems which perpetuate racial and economic inequities, in September 2020, Christina Lewis, founder and president of All Star Code, Stephanie Ellis-Smith, CEO of Phīla Engaged Giving, and David Setiadi, CTO @Point of Care Funding, launched what was then known as Give Blck, proceeding from the premise that philanthropic support of Black-led nonprofits is a critical – yet often forgotten – piece to tackling systemic racism.

Christina, Stephanie, and David set the direction for Give Blck, now known as Giving Gap, to raise visibility, expand reach, and broaden direct services of local organizations working on the frontlines of social change within Black communities.

About Us

Giving Gap exists to advance racial equity in giving and mobilize positive action for Black lives by connecting people to causes they care about. We are building the movement for the equitable funding of Black-founded nonprofits.

We amplify Black-founded organizations by providing:

  • A donor platform that allows individuals and institutions learn about and give to vetted Black-founded nonprofits
  • Research, data, and reporting that documents the strengths and needs of Black-founded nonprofits
  • Fundraising and storytelling campaigns to mobilize giving and positive action for Black lives

We have three bold goals to help close the gap for Black-founded nonprofits and the myriad of ways they support Black people and communities:

  • Build an accessible donor platform to easily connect donors and volunteers to every Black-founded nonprofits in the US.
  • Galvanize $1 billion in funding and in-kind support to Black-founded nonprofits.
  • Mobilize 1 million individuals to commit to supporting Black-founded nonprofits and closing the giving gap.


Black-founded organizations are most likely to be grounded in the needs of Black communities, employ Black people, and build Black leaders. Yet, Black-founded organizations are systemically underfunded. Americans give $450 billion to charity each year, but only a tiny fraction of that goes to Black organizations. Data shows us from individual donors, to large corporate and institutional grantmaking, Black-founded and led organizations have experienced a general lack and routine disinvestment.

By the numbers

Funding for Black-led, early-stage nonprofits showed a large gap


That's how much lower the average revenue is for Black-led, early-stage nonprofits compared to white-led nonprofits


How much lower average unrestricted net assets are for Black-led, early-stage nonprofits compared to white-led nonprofits


How much lower revenue is for Black-led nonprofits focused on helping Black men and boys, compared to white-led men nonprofits with the same focus


How much lower unrestricted net are for the Black-led nonprofits focused on Black male achievement compared to white-led nonprofits with the same focus


The funding gap between 492 Black-led and 396 white-led early-stage nonprofits in 2019

Source: Bridgespan Group

Grantmaking gaps

2016 - 2018

This shows the portion of grants allowed for Black communities from seven foundations based in compatable markets to ours from study.

Percent Black population
Percent grants designated to Black communities

Com.Fdn.for Mississippi

Jackson, MS

Chart: Black population received less than 1% of funding in Jackson, Mississippi.

Greater Atlanta Com.Fdn.


Chart: Black population received less than 2% of funding in Atlanta, Georgia.

Greater Washington Com.Fdn.


Chart: Black population received 3.3% of funding in Washington D.C.

Fdn.for the Carolinas

Charlotte, NC

Chart: Black population received half of a percent of funding in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Chicago Com. Trust


Chart: Black population received almost zero funding in Chicago.

Central Florida Fdn.


Chart: Black population received less than 2% of funding in Orlando.

New York Com. Trust

New York

Chart: Black population received 4.2% of funding in New York City.

Source: National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

Our Values

At Giving Gap, we believe in:

Amplifying Black Organizations

We use our platform and resources to amplify the critical work our fellow Black-led organizations are doing. By elevating visionary organizations, we connect them to key people opening doors for opportunities, funding, and partnership.

A Community Focused Approach

We work to build collective power through community as a bottom up organization. We listen, seek input, are accountable, and use data to understand more deeply. As an intersectional group representing a vast array of causes, we work to find common ground that serves as a foundation for all to build off of. We empower each other to do better, work smarter, connect with more people, and raise more money.

Collective Black Brilliance

We are proudly Black-led and exist to support Black leadership and help Black leaders shine. We are intersectional and inclusive and honor the diversity within the Black community — working to uplift individuals along with our collective. We believe in building allyship across lines of difference to celebrate and lift up Black brilliance in rooms and spaces where it has been absent. We celebrate the genius of our community, operate from a place of abundance, and believe in radical joy.

Aligning Money & Morals

We help people put their money where their morals are. We work to create cultural and mindset change for those interested in advancing racial equity, facilitating behavior change in how people are giving, who they’re giving to, and the causes they’re supporting.

Enabling Measurable Change

We aim to encourage and enable people to take action for Black lives. By facilitating tangible ways for people to donate, volunteer, and partner with Black-led organizations we work to close the racial giving gap.

Our Staff

Aisha Alexander-Young

Aisha Alexander-Young is a context creator, systems disruptor, and community organizer whose career is focused on the intersection of race, place, and opportunity. She has held leadership positions in philanthropy, local government, grassroots organizations, and small and large nonprofits. Before joining Give Blck, Aisha served as Vice President for Strategy & Equity at the Meyer Foundation, where she led efforts to integrate racial equity and justice into all areas of the Foundation’s work. Prior to her tenure at Meyer, Aisha was Director of Thought Leadership for KABOOM and held leadership positions with the City of Charlotte and Dream Defenders. She currently serves on the board of directors for the Association of Black Foundation Executives (ABFE). She lives in Washington, D.C., with her partner and daughter.

Crystal Miller

Special Assistant to the CEO
Crystal M. Miller, MPA is a change agent committed to using her talents to positively impact others' lives. Crystal has over 15 years of experience improving processes, managing projects, developing policies and legislative initiatives, and managing program operations in both the private sector and local government. Crystal held several leadership positions with the City of Philadelphia. There she developed policies and managed projects focusing on violence reduction, Black Male Achievement, and protective pay legislation. In all of her roles, she makes an intentional effort to mentor young staff and interns. She also volunteers with a Cincinnati, Ohio based food pantry helping with event planning, administrative tasks, fundraising initiatives and grant management. She launched a health and fitness business, DynastyFit Nutrition, in 2015. Prior to joining Giving Gap, Crystal founded CMMiller Consulting creating operating procedures and managing projects for small businesses, government agencies and nonprofits. She is an explorer, a life learner, a motivator, and a results creator. Crystal currently resides in Los Angeles California.
Our Board

Christina Lewis

Christina Lewis is a social entrepreneur, writer and investor. She is the Founder of All Star Code, a computer science education nonprofit that empowers Black and Latino young men with the skills, networks, and mindsets to succeed in technology. She is also Treasurer of the Board of The Reginald F. Lewis Foundation, a private grantmaking family entity. Christina speaks and writes frequently on diversity in tech and next generation wealth. Prior to All Star Code she was a staff writer for The Wall Street Journal. She is proud to be a 2014 Obama Whitehouse Champion of Change for STEM Access, a member of the Hunter Computer Science Advisory Board, an Elected Director of the Harvard Alumni Association and a member of the Harvard SEAS Dean’s Advisory Cabinet. She lives in New York with her husband and three children, including her darling pandemic baby.

Stephanie Ellis-Smith

Stephanie Ellis-Smith is a philanthropist who has over 20 years of experience in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors. She is the founder and former Executive Director of the Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas (CD Forum), an organization that presents and produces lectures, readings, and performing arts events rooted in African-American culture. Prior to the CD Forum, she worked with the Jacob Lawrence Catalogue Raisonné Project, and has held every seat at the social sector's table: nonprofit CEO, social enterprise COO, foundation trustee, and civic activist. Stephanie is a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy (CAP®) and a Certified Advisor in multi-generational family philanthropy. Stephanie serves on the board of International Advisors in Philanthropy and lives in Seattle.

David Setiadi

Dr. David Setiadi is an experienced CTO and CIO with extensive history of working in the healthcare, science, education, nonprofit, technology, media and telecommunications industries including cofounding multiple companies like @Point of Care, an A.I. powered Clinical Decision Support platform servicing over half a million Health Care Practioners, dgNetrix Communications providing realtime digital collaboration services and Unika SMP which specializes in sustainable materials development and production. Coupling business acumen and entrepreneurship skills with strong technical abilities to create, design, develop and engineer digital (desktop, web, mobile and embedded products) as well as chemical and molecular products, his career also includes strategic oversight in marketing, operations and sales.
Our Partners